Community Services is now The Bill & Betsy Scheben Care Center

May 22, 2017

Community Services of Northern Kentucky, which provides medical model adult day care, respite services and Medicaid transportation, announced today the renaming of their center to the Bill and Betsy Scheben Care Center. The change was made public during the organization’s annual charity golf outing May 22nd, The Scheben Classic, also named after the couple. Bill and Betsy Scheben are long-time board supporters, volunteers, and advocates for the center. “They are two people who have been behind fighting for this center and the services,” said Lisa West, Executive Director of Community Services. “We wouldn’t be here without Bill and Betsy.”

Community Services is no stranger to a change in name, as the center has existed in different iterations since 1923. The original site on Levassor street in Covington was home to the Kenton Boone Opportunity School before becoming Kentucky Easter Seals. Later, the center became known as Cardinal Hill of Northern Kentucky shortly before moving to the current location in Florence. Bill and Betsy have been around for these changes.

The couple first became involved in the 1970s when Betsy began working as a member of the Junior Board, advocating for the center and its services. Soon after, Bill, a local banker, was asked to serve on the Board of Directors. Both have served on the board continuously and have often held officer positions.  They also launched the center’s largest fundraiser, the annual charity golf outing. “We believe in the cause and like that it’s local,” said Betsy when asked why Community Services is special to them. “We realized that we are actually able to help fifty families every day,” added Bill. 

Helping others is a no brainer to Betsy. “If you can help your community, you do,” she said. And Community Services isn’t the only place the Scheben’s have had an impact. The Scheben’s have served on other community boards and have supported local schools like St. Henry’s, Dixie, and Caywood grade school. 

Lisa West is excited for the future of the Bill and Betsy Scheben Care Center. “I am so pleased to honor two of our longest standing board members in this way. Both Bill and Betsy have been supportive of not only our Center in the community, but many more. Without the support of community members such as Bill and Betsy, small non-profits like ours would cease to exist and the services we provide.” 

Community Services will officially become the Bill and Betsy Scheben Care Center on May 23rd!