June 29, 2020

Per the Governor's directive, day programs have been authorized to resume services June 29, 2020 with various guidelines.  Based on those guidelines and recommendations from the CDC, The Scheben Care Center has instituted a comprehensive re-opening plan based on a risk/benefit assessment and team approach for each individual attending.  

This will be a phased opening and capacity will increase as recommendations change.  If you are currently participating in the day program and/or transportation, staff should have already contacted you so that your team can assist with the risk/benefit assessment to determine which phase you will be approved to return in. Please remember that returning to the day program is your choice and if for any reason you feel uncomfortable about returning when approved, your spot will be held as long as necessary.  

"Our most important goal is to keep not only the individuals who attend this Center as safe as possible, but to keep our staff as safe as possible as well" stated Lisa West, Executive Director.  "This has been a very difficult time for many individuals that we provide services for and many are exhibiting signs of depression and increase behavior concerns" expressed Ms. West.  

During this phased re-opening, visitors will not be allowed in the building per recommendation of the CDC.  For more information, please contact Ms. West at